About us

Hello, everybody.

I am glad that you have taken a while and you are interested in fascinating cats, breed of RAGDOLL.

My name is Denisa. In the year 2004 my parents bought me a little kitten. It was a gorgeous young lady ATLANTA, who immediately became a friend of our doggie called Endik (Shi-tzu). It is wonderful to watch them at a game. I have read a lot about this breed. ATLANTA confirmed everything what I know, she is mignon, loveing and very playful. She is moving around the entire flat. She doesn´t rip, scratch and destroy anything. She is fantastic. Each night she sleeps with me or visits a bed of my parents. She is very sensitive, she recognizes when I am in a bad mood and she comes to cuddle with me. She is roping beautifully and by this she calm me down and gives me a new energy.

... this is how it all started ...

I have been ploughed to little kittens, breed of RAGDOLL so much, that I have a small breeding station "CZECH STAR" and I am happy. If you want to consult or to ask for something - don´t hesitate and contact me.